Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

The newest technological advances and developments in cosmetic and general are revolutionizing the way dentistry is performed. We invest in the most advanced technologies so that we can provide our patients with the absolute best dental services. All the equipment and materials utilized in our office are designed to make dental treatment less painful, less costly, more comfortable, higher quality, and longer lasting, to create the most beautiful and healthy smiles.


Digital X-rays and Lasers

Some of the newest technologies we use in our office include digital X-rays, which offer 90% less radiation and are better for the environment because no chemicals are needed to process them. We also incorporate lasers into our dental treatments, which provide better accuracy and precision over conventional surgical methods and help us better prepare teeth and tissue, as well as reduce healing times.


 Single Visit Computer-Designed Crowns

Patients can also enjoy the convenience of our one-visit dental crowns with new CAD/CAM technology:


A crown being designed on the computer.


3D X-rays

We also use 3D digital X-rays which give us more accurate and life-like information. The human body is not flat, so regular 2D X-rays hide a ton of information. 3D X-rays take out the guess-work, allowing for better and faster diagnosis and improving the quality of care. This 3D technology also allows us to place dental implants with unbelievable accuracy into the exact spot that we planned it on the 3D X-ray. Without this technology, placing an implant requires a trial-and-error method that requires much more cutting to expose a greater area of bone so that you can find a good place for the implant, and even then is not a guaranteed success.

An implant being planned in the 3D x-ray software.


Computer-Designed Dentures

Denture fabrication has not changed in 100 years, and there are many problems with the traditional technique and method. There is quite a bit of distortion and shrinkage during the entire traditional process from start to finish, causing the dentures to need lots of adjustment afterwards, and compromises the fit. In the last two years, a new way of making dentures has been developed that gets rid of all of the distortion and shrinkage. The final step of this method is to have a CAD/CAM machine mill the denture out of a solid block of acrylic, thereby getting rid of the biggest source of shrinkage and inaccuracy: the setting of the acrylic material. These dentures require very little adjustment afterwards, and fit extremely well.

A denture that has just been milled from a solid block and is ready to have the teeth set into it.


Our patients can take comfort in knowing that we follow all of the latest safety regulations, and then some. We use steam sterilization (the autoclave is spore-checked weekly) and we only use sterilizable bib-holders.


Although we love what technology does for our patients, we realize that no technology ever replaces the skill, judgement, and experience of the dentist. Technology makes great dentists greater, but it makes unskilled dentists dangerous. Do not be fooled by lots of fancy technology and equipment. In the wrong hands this technology can cause more harm then good. Make sure that the doctor also has experience, computer skills, and good clinical judgement. Nothing replaces this. We are always on the cutting edge of dentistry, but we realize that everything has its place.  We make sure we use tried and true techniques and procedures. We do not experiment on our patients with the latest fad in dentistry. Technology is great but we use it where it is warranted.